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Where did February go? – Field Report: CBNO

I can’t believe how fast everything has been going! January and February went so fast, and were so busy with family gatherings, visitors and a couple of days off for Mardi Gras, I’m starting to watch the year really fly. Things have been good here at CBNO. The NPP report is finishing up, as the Citizen’s Guide is starting to take form. I am also doing some GIS for the water management mapping flood levels concentrated mostly in the Claiborne Corridor, so that has definitely been up my alley. It always gets more and more interesting to see how GIS can fit into city planning and so many other things (the possibilities really are endless).

Example of flood management strategy.

Example of flood management strategy.

I have also started to be able to go to the GNOHA Data Group Meeting which was very enlightening and interesting to talk about the data surrounding housing in the city of New Orleans.

A major strategy that has come from this year in my life is learning to deal with setbacks. In life, there are always things that aren’t going to go your way, or that are going to surprise you or come out of nowhere that you have to deal with. You can plan down to the last minute detail, but sometimes things just go different from how you planned. Sometimes you, say, get a concussion that completely throws off how you feel for a couple of weeks. Sometimes the bus doesn’t come for 40 minutes and it’s really cold out. With setbacks, not matter how big or small, it is so important to take some deep breaths and put things in perspective. Learning to not let certain things ruin my day or week or month or year has been something I strive to accomplish. That’s my goal for March.



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