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February 28th was the grand opening of Parisite Skatepark and the turnout was amazing!  It is exciting to see hundreds of kids of all ages skating using the park and our addition to it. The event was a good time, with lots of skating, music and food!  Tulane City Center’s Interim Director Maggie Hansen gave a great speech along with Mayor Mitch Landrieu, representatives from NORDC, and of course Transitional Spaces, the skater’s non-profit organization that has made this entire park possible. I am proud to be part of such a great project with so many great collaborators.

Following the official ribbon cutting ceremony was a secondary “rueben” cutting ceremony, with a 20 foot rueben sandwich! …and the first official public skatepark in New Orleans is officially open!

Skaters ollie over the "rueben cutting ceremony"

Skaters ollie over the “rueben cutting ceremony”

Transitional Spaces is running a kickstarter campaign to raise $35,000 to fund the next phase of the park.  This next phase includes four large concrete structures to complete the DIY course at the front of the park.  These ramps will be built into the infrastructure that the TCC addition has set up.  We built our section planning for a future expansion: the handrails at the top of the platform will be removed so that the new ramps can be accommodated and everything will have a nice flow.

In other news, Tulane City Center had a big win from the Super Service Challenge thanks to all of our volunteers who helped on the Parisite Skatepark build.  Glad to see all the videos submitted to this contest paid off!  Soon our students will begin construction of their design-build project for this semester and I will be ready with volunteers and videos in order to have even more submissions for next years Super Service Challenge!

Batman chases his skateboard

Batman chases his skateboard




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