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Field Report: Andrew H. Wilson Charter School- Parents Making Decisions

wilson Charter School

Being the Parent Liaison, I thought that I would only be responsible for parent volunteers and developing programs or activities that parents can get involved with, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Not only am I managing parent volunteers and developing programs and events, I’m also organizing a parent group to fight for our kids! Fight for what, you ask?

History: Before the Winter break, the SPS (School Performance Scores) were published for all schools in Louisiana. Wilson Charter School received a 49.1(F) Grade, and the Broadmoor Charter School Board voted to “fight” by appealing the score with the BESE Board to get the grade changed to a D, in order to keep our charter. This was the last decision the Board made with parents’ knowledge.

On January 13, 2014 the Board made a decision not to attend the BESE meeting, because the day before the Board decided to withdraw the appeal to renew Wilson’s Charter and instead make sure that the parents and students of Wilson would not lose its uniqueness of the Community School.

Well that plan back-fired (not involving parents in the decision not to appeal and not to show up to represent Wilson at the BESE Board Meeting…)

The next step for parents was to rally together and fight for our children because the Board had surrendered our charter and allowed the RSD to find another Charter Management Organization. We demanded we participate in the selection process so we started to do our research! We conducted site visits and CMO Interviews. We sent out literature to parents to sign in agreement of support for what we were doing on behalf of our children.

A decision has not been made on the new CMO, so until next blog…


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