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We’re in cruise control at the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights. January – and 2015 – didn’t begin with a sigh of relief or a sense of starting anew. Other than wrapping up our three-year strategic plan, we’re smack in the middle of most projects. The year changed without so much as a blink.

Over the next few months, I’m focusing on a few projects: hire a new VISTA, assist with planning a donor outreach event in March, and play point on communications.

Update on the VISTA front: We set up our first interview for next week. As I’ve come to learn over the last two years, hiring – for any purpose, full-time employee or intern – is a frustrating process. Too large a majority are easily out of the running for issues like not mentioning the name of the organization (or calling it a business), failing to express an interest in juvenile justice or nonprofit work, and focusing entirely on one’s own experience and not why that experience suits the position and the mission of the organization.

LCCR Web announcemnet

Can’t believe it’s time.

I understand the draw to firing out a hundred cover letters and resumes to every job listing that seems remotely plausible or interesting. But it’s a waste of effort when people don’t take the time to customize it, even in the slightest of ways. That thoughtfulness goes a long way, and in our case, lands applicants interviews.

As far as the outreach event, we’re moving forward with planning. The invitation was finalized this week and let me tell you, I never expected the back and forth to continue as long as it did. Minor adjustments to copy, font, color shades, background tints. You name a detail, we tweaked it. I’m thrilled to pick them up from the printer tomorrow. Hard copies mean no more edits! The next steps are picking out an award (or having one designed), hiring catering, and creating a set of panels to display throughout the venue that share our work.

Our invitation design, by Tatyana Moraczewski

Our invitation design, by Tatyana Moraczewski

After the invitation situation, I could hold off on creating more materials. But of course, days seem to sail by when the event date emerges on the horizon. Less than two months out, and we’ve hit the point where it’s go-time.

More next month!



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