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There Is No “Roof Access” in Deming (And Other Sad Facts)


“Sad January” is a Finnish electronic music group I discovered when looking for images for this blog post. Their second most popular song is called “Frozen Tears”. They do not have a Wikipedia page.


JUST KIDDING – this post will be upbeat, promise. (Not kidding about the roof access unfortunately 😦  ! )

OH JANUARY. Hands down the worst month of the year, especially in New Orleans. Vacation’s over, Mardi Gras can’t come fast enough, and no matter what you put on in the morning it’s guaranteed to be weather-inappropriate by mid afternoon (looking at you, tights.) Everyone’s in a funk.

There ARE some great things in January however! Let’s all take a moment to appreciate them and give January a little VISTA love- it’s tough to be the first to do anything, especially when it’s something as existential as being the first month of the whole year!


The best team in the NFL, possibly in the world, possibly ever.

1. Sports. The autumnal months usually get all the credit for the great American sports games, but when you really think about it, all the best most exciting games that anyone REALLY cares about happen in January. College bowl games! Basketball! Television and film awards shows! NFL playoffs! The Pro Bowl! (LOL)


Beau and Amy in painting flow.

2. MLK Day. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man, activist, and leader, and the fact that as VISTAs we get to spend the day giving back to the communities we serve, in his honor, is really special. While most people acknowledge his work and accomplishments, volunteering and service on MLK Day- making it a day ON and not a day OFF- is really what the holiday is about.  This year the VISTA team got to help out with the construction of the new Parasite skate park, and not only was it awesome to see the rewards of our united group effort atthe end of the day, it was also way fun.


4. This is probably the healthiest you will be all year. Even if you refuse to admit it out loud, it’s nearly impossible not to jump on the “new year-new me” bandwagon. Bombarded by television, radio, and internet advertisements, plus your friends and families publicly announcing NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS, how can you not at least consider joining a gym or trying kale!? (Side note- Beyonce officially came out as a vegan this January, so obviously I am now a vegan.) Although it can seem overwhelming, it’s also very inspirational to see so many people hitting the gym and the produce aisle. You too can rock a bikini bod by summer, if you just start now! Even though these goals and #fitspo will likely fade in February as Carnival gets going, let’s give January a little credit for allowing us to spend approximately one month where abs seem possible and carrot-beet-cucumber juice does not physically repulse you.

5. So. Many. Parties. January is a vvvvvery popular month for fundraisers! YAY JANUARY! Even though after the holidays you might be feeling broke, you’re probably also feeling especially thankful and philanthropic, and these fundraising people know that because they are smart and also psychic (Hi Nora!) Many of our community partners had fundraising events this month, so even though January is cold and sad, the weekends remain up to New Orleans’ usual standard of fun with too many galas, balls, and celebrations to choose from and all for great causes.


VISTAs celebrating at Project Homecoming’s Decade of Difference Gala at the First NBC Bank, put together by our very own Krishna Pandya.

Good bye January! I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. ❤





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