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8:55am: I arrived at Plessy, walked in the office to greet the secretary and principal and then made my way to the library which has become my new office.

9:00am: I had two interns scheduled to arrive at nine and the Tulane shuttle brought them in right on time. Both interns were going to serve as Spanish teachers, teaching half an hour lessons to each class and also working one on one with three ELL students. One of them was here for an orientation, while the other had started last week. I got one intern situated with a student for some one-on-one time while I gave the other intern a brief overview of what he’d be doing.

9:30am: After a short orientation, I begin answering emails. An email from a service-learning professor piqued my interest.

10:15am: I began entering DIBELS testing results into a spreadsheet so that I can evaluate the reading buddy program. I also supervised the intern, who was currently teaching class, ensuring that she got to the correct class and wasn’t having any difficulties.

12:05pm: After finishing entering the data and reviewing it for trends I sent it to a research intern who will crunch the numbers and make a report. Then lunch.

12:45pm: Socialized with the office for a little bit.

1:00pm: Went back to the library to answer emails and see what I needed to do the rest of the day.

1:20pm: Worked on a presentation that I will do for a 4000 level Human Resources service learning class. 3 teams of 5 students will evaluate recruitment, training, and performance of volunteers in the reading buddy program over the course of the semester.

3:35pm: Adjusted a letter of recommendation for a previous intern.

3:50pm: Planned for a meeting with the video producer intern.

4:10pm: Left for Uptown meeting at Pj’s with said intern.

4:30pm: Met with intern. Discussed what we’d be filming this week (just an interview of the art and music teachers.)

5:00pm: Headed home! Well actually, I first had to do some grocery shopping.



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