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Arrival of a New Year

As the new year rolled in, I can’t help but start thinking ahead about life after my VISTA year. Although there are still a good 6 months left, I started preparing for my applications into graduate schools for the fall semesters. The writers block I felt over and over again when trying to answer the simple question of “What do you bring to our program?” was exacerbated by my overwhelming urge to be lazy over the holiday break. But finally after 3 long weeks, I was able to sum up my skills and abilities into 300 words. Now my fate is in the hands of the admission’s officers whose days are probably filled with essay after essay.King Cake Bread Pudding

In my current life, all is going well. Cafe Reconcile is starting to recover from some of the financial shock it received from building renovation expenses from almost a decade ago. We were able to find a couple of major sponsors that will hopefully be able provide us with enough support to finally be able to jump-start our program once again. We’ve made major developments toward a smoother donor database, and of course, who could ignore the arrival of the next major holiday in New Orleans: Mardi Gras. And to end things on a positive and yummy note, here’s a picture of what Cafe Reconcile is revealing in these upcoming weeks and hopefully for months to come after, King Cake Bread Pudding:



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