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Tools for 2015–Mary Foley



I turned a geriatric 24 at the beginning of January. My birthday is just a few days after the beginning of the year, so my mind was on my 25 or so vague 2015 resolutions. Realizing I had a big year ahead of me, I asked for 3 birthday gifts: a daily planner, a to-go coffee mug and nice mascara. I got them all!  I am now armed with these three tools and ready for 2015.

The most life-changing of my gifts has been my daily planner. I didn’t realize how unorganized my life had been until I started using a planner again. I have a place to keep my endless to-do lists for both work deadlines and personal goals, which had previously been scribbled on random papers I would later conveniently lose. It’s been helpful in narrowing down my extensive list of vague resolutions into a more specific plan. While this month has been extremely demanding in all aspects of my life, at least now I can schedule aside time for addressing my dilemmas as they arise—and not completely throw my resolutions to the curb.

I also need to stay awake to reach my goals in 2015. I’ve never been a morning person, but I’ve always known that it’s the most productive time of the day. However, morning meetings without access to coffee are not productive for me and whoever I’m meeting with. My planner and coffee ensure an alert and organized Mary.

Lastly, I should probably look good. A woman with good waterproof mascara is practically on her way to world domination. That might be a bit of a stretch, but in less than six months I will be finished with my VISTA year. I will be interviewing and networking more in 2015, and good mascara is a stepping stone to a polished, professional look.

Till next time.


2 comments on “Tools for 2015–Mary Foley

  1. Gina Lee
    January 22, 2015

    World domination! Woop woop! Loved your post 🙂

  2. Jack Styczynski
    January 22, 2015

    Geriatric…LOL. Love the waterproof mascara line.

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