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The end of 2014 found me wearing many hats- helping distribute gifts for the holiday assistance program, working hard on outreach for our new computer classes beginning January 14, plus lending both hands to help the BIA move out of the office on South Broad Street next to the Laurel Street Bakery (I miss their bagel sandwiches so much already!). Moving out of the office has left me in a nomadic state- one that will hopefully inspire creativity and motivate me throughout the remainder of my year. Instead of a traditional desk and cubicle, I find myself cozying up on couches in the community center, setting up shop in the huge teaching kitchen, and more often than not creating a workspace up in the bird’s nest/nook area of Keller. Most days I feel fortunate to be so flexible and mobile, and it’s a refreshing change to the standard office format. It’s definitely a much more effective way to be right in the middle of the action and really have my ear to the ground of the community.

Rosa Keller Library & Community Center has some wonderful programming planned for the new year, much of which is focused on providing more resources for adult education and workforce development. We’ve added another time slot for One-on-One Technical Assistance, in addition to starting our new Computer Skills 101 six week course in January. We’re planning on having an Adobe InDesign workshop at the end of the month, followed by a workshop series including web design and Photoshop. Our library partner is hosting a career development workshop in March, and I can already tell there will be great things to come from all these programs. Keep checking the blog for more updates!




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