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Feeling Thankful – Beau Braddock

So it’s Winter here in the South, which for all of you Yankees means frigid 60 degree temps, partly cloudy skies, and way less trips to Audubon Park and the Fly with your friends. Aka: brutal. Growing up in Houston, my winters were defined by those days when you could wear shorts, and those days when you had to wear blue jeans. Sadly, they keep telling me that I cannot wear shorts to work, no matter how nice they are, so needless to say my Mother Gaea metric system is all off these days.

I’ve been at the Center for Public Service now for about 5 months, and it has gone by quickly. I’ve gone from the wide eyed idealistic green and fresh VISTA to what can only be described as the regular eyed practical green and fresh VISTA who still doesn’t really understand much at my workplace. The logistics and technicalities of running an operation like CPS is actually fairly impressive, and I am pleasantly surprised each week by new tasks and responsibilities that my fellow CPS employees take care of on a rolling basis. From making sure that the center receives contributions each year through development work to ensuring that each and every last Tulane student has fulfilled service learning through courses, internships, special projects, and seminars, the staff at CPS handle their fair share.

A gift from my new BFF

A gift from my new BFF 😉

Likewise, the staff here are rewarded for their work, and I learn via upper management of new awards, special recognition, and awesome PR that we receive for our ongoing efforts. The work of CPS is literally known now throughout the world for the work that it does, and each one of the members of this team deserves a shout out for their efforts. It has been truly a pleasure getting to know the people that work here, as I find out a bit more about each one every week. They honestly make this place a top reason why it’s a pretty cool place to work.

Additionally, my fellow VISTAs that I work with are all around rock stars. Each one is talented in ways that honestly make me a bit jealous, but also make me proud, since I know I’m thankful enough to be on a team with them all. I’ve made what I hope will be some lifelong friends here, and our team supports one another in a really cool way. In fact, I’m pretty sure the dynamic that we all have is fairly rare among VISTA programs throughout the country. Whether we are celebrating birthdays (like mine 😉 ) or are just in general need of advice and a shoulder to lean on, I think that we all have each other’s backs when push comes to shove.

so much chocolate

January is the best month ever!

We know our sites aren’t perfect, we know that mistakes happen, and we know that this is more often than not thankless work. But I’m proud to call my friends a whole team of people that show up, are passionate about their service, and most importantly, know how to have a good time.

Talk to you soon!


About beaubraddock

Beau is currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA Fellow with the Tulane University Center for Public Service in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated in May of 2014 from Newcomb-Tulane College with a BA in International Relations and International Development, and previously worked in Haiti and India. Beau loves to draw, paint, back-pack, fly-fish, pretend he is good at photography, and travel. An adamant lover of indie films and all things edible, Beau once escaped a falling burning tree in a forest, even though no one else was there to hear it.


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