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In the next two weeks, the development director and I will begin the recruitment process for LCCR’s third-year VISTA. This also means the start of my transition out of the office. It’s an odd feeling to submit graduate applications and draft a “how-to” guide for my predecessor with three months still remaining in my service. The one-foot-in-the-door and one-foot-out-of-the-door dynamic is creating a sense of detachment that I don’t much care for.

Good thing I’m busy! This week we finalized our strategic plan. It lays out our goals and priorities for the next three years—from promoting decarceration to improving conditions of confinement for children to promoting educational equity in New Orleans’ schools. The final product – designed, formatted, and edited – looks fantastic. While it’s not yet the appropriate time to share “reflections” on my service years with LCCR, I can say that the plan we’re about to release is far more sophisticated than the report (strategic plan ’13-’15) I received during my orientation two years ago. I’m grateful I had the unique opportunity to grow with the organization—to observe, and be apart of, an accelerated period of successful expansion.

LCCR Strategic Plan 2015

Our event is also picking up steam. It’s scheduled for March, and while the original plan was to host a gala, it has evolved (or devolved, maybe) into an introductory event for top-tier prospective donors. What an “introduction” looks like is an ongoing discussion that seems to reshape itself each time we meet to sort out logistics. Should it cost to attend, or should it be a free event with a hard ask during the program? Should the invitation include donation levels, or should we distribute pledge cards during the party? They are interesting questions, and I’m enjoying the conversations with seasoned fundraisers.

Will keep you posted on how we plan to proceed.



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