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Binders Full of Sustainability – CPS – Beau Braddock

Happy New Year folks! Thanks for reading my post!

My VISTA Binders

My VISTA Binders

Well, it’s that time of year. All of my work and notes from the past six months is being synthesized, condensed, and scribbled down onto whatever notepad, post-it, or hand I can find. Why you ask? Well, one of the major tasks for us VISTAs towards ensuring sustainability of our work is creating a “sustainability binder.” It compiles all the little tips, tricks, tasks, processes, and extra knowledge that goes into making our progress at our VISTA sites. For me, this means thinking back to the very beginning, and brainstorming about what would’ve made my introduction into my site smoother, easier, and would have allowed me to be even the tiniest bit more capable at the earliest point.

Being in a position where you are constantly networking, meeting, strategizing, and preparing with other people from not only your own organization, but your network of VISTA organizations, means much of the advice and tips that I’ll be bequeathing is centered around human relationships. How to be fully ready and on your game for when you are meeting with your peers and individuals whom you will need to work with the coming months. How to be professional when you are acting as a representative of your organization and team. Where to look for advice when it comes time to sell your organization to potential interns or volunteers whom could greatly help your organization, and how to attract talented and passionate individuals whom could bolster your organization.

Since my position at the Tulane Center for Public Service was brand new when I arrived, I wasn’t as fortunate as some of my fellow Tulane VISTAs when they got their work sites. I very much so had to jump right in and get to work, helping out the Tulane VISTA team whenever and wherever they needed me!

I’ve learned a lot here at CPS over these last months, and I certainly want to make sure the awesome VISTA who follows me is able to do so much more and build upon the (hopefully strong) foundation that I will leave behind!


About beaubraddock

Beau is currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA Fellow with the Tulane University Center for Public Service in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated in May of 2014 from Newcomb-Tulane College with a BA in International Relations and International Development, and previously worked in Haiti and India. Beau loves to draw, paint, back-pack, fly-fish, pretend he is good at photography, and travel. An adamant lover of indie films and all things edible, Beau once escaped a falling burning tree in a forest, even though no one else was there to hear it.


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