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Field Report: Andrew H. Wilson Charter School

Despite the grade we received for our School Performance Score, we aren’t holding our heads down; we are making changes with a smile. So during the month of December it was all about keeping the faith that our school will continue to teach children that family, community, and love for one another is our most important goal.20141216_133404

I love celebrating the holidays with my new family and friends at Wilson. Last month at Wilson we celebrated with half of the community during our WFA Meeting inviting middle school and pre-kindergarten families to come join the festivities revolving around the theme “Kindness” and “Creativity” which this month is all about. Our literacy program LETS was a success with the parents because they were requesting that we begin another series soon.  During the last week of school carolers came around the school singing Christmas Carols to all students and staff.  It was so adorable and they also visited retirement homes to share the cheer and joy  that Christmas brings.

As this month ends I will begin another transition in the New Year with another supervisor. My current supervisor Emily Wolff, Program Director of Wilson Charter School and the Broadmoor Corridor, is soon becoming the Executive Director of the Broadmoor Improvement Association!! Yay!! She works really hard to make sure the the students at Wilson receive adequate programs to enrich their lives. For example, with programs like the Community Works after school program, she has strong relationships with the New Orleans String Project, New Orleans Ballet Association, and Rethink, plus many more.  Not only does she advocate for Wilson, but she does this for the whole community of Broadmoor. In the spring/summer of 2015 the Arts and Wellness Community Center will open in Broadmoor and her new office will be there, so she wont be to far from me, but I will miss her like she is moving to Connecticut!

The holidays are truly bittersweet; I’ve got so much accomplished this year at Wilson and there is plenty more room for success in the New Year!



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