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Getting Into the Spirit at Cafe Reconcile

Santa Hats

The month of December is often associated as the season of giving, and this year, Cafe Reconcile has been able to give back to the community with the help of our numerous donors who have contributed generously. We were the host of multiple fundraising events ranging from our Sippin’ in the Courtyard at Maison Dupuy to the Ladies Luncheon to our phone-a-thon. At the end of the road, we have been able to raise enough support to once again give back to the community starting next year. Our 12-week training program will be revitalized to once again reach out to the young people of New Orleans.

After going through a whole month of fundraising, it has really touched me to see how much people care about our youth and their willingness to help. Words like “support”, “giving”, and “donate” can bring in only so much money, but when people are truly able to connect with a student that goes through our program, they not only realize the impact they’re having on the young people, but also for their community.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!



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