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Field Report—Eden House

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For most, the holidays are joyous time filled with celebration and time spent with family. For many people in recovery, it can be stressful and emotional time filled with temptations and potential relapse.

At Eden House, we have seen first hand the stress that our residents deal with during the holiday season and since Thanksgiving, we have had several women leave our program due to various reasons.

All of the disturbances at Eden House got me thinking and curious to learn more about relapse during the holidays within the context of the larger AA and NA communities. And let me tell you, there is a lot of literature out there about this exact topic. I even found a website that had “12 steps for staying sober during the holiday season.” Many articles I read focused on a few specific reasons why relapse increases. For example, the increase of alcohol consumption and partying during the holidays season within the  general population, heightened emotions and stress brought on by interactions with family members, and finally, getting out of the normal self-care routines that one might have outside of the holiday season.

The Eden House staff and residents have come together several times to have very open and honest conversations about the stresses that the residents may feel and how as a staff and a community can we assist them in making it through the holiday season in a happy, safe, and sober manner.

I am amazed each day by the residents at Eden House and how hard they fight to stay clean each day and as the residents live together in community longer, they begin to have a real care and concern for the other residents and their recovery journeys.

As I leave for the holidays, the residents will continue to be in my thoughts and I look forward to the New Year and welcoming some new residents into our program in 2015!


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