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A Grateful November: Committee for a Better New Orleans—Emily Schnitt

NPP: Advancing the idea that neighborhoods around New Orleans should have a greater say in zoning changes that affect their lives.

NPP: Advancing the idea that neighborhoods around New Orleans should have a greater say in zoning changes that affect their lives.

Time is absolutely flying by. I cannot believe it is already December. The last four months of VISTA have truly been a whirlwind. That being said, I am grateful for the learning experience I have been given. Last month’s blog post even got shared by the AmeriCorps Louisiana State Office, which was very flattering! Also, I stopped trying to make Emmy happen. I kept forgetting my own name. Identity crisis.

In CBNO news, we have been moving forward with business interviews for the Neighborhood Participation Project (NPP) in hopes of getting our final report of suggested changes to the NPP to City Planning within the next few months. Speaking to small business owners around New Orleans has truly been an enlightening experience. I am still trying to figure out the best way to reach out to residents who have participated in the NPP. Nora’s presentation on getting people to open e-mails has been helpful for sending out the surveys as I have edited the subject line and text keeping in mind what will get residents to actually open the email and subsequently fill out our NPP survey (all in about fifteen seconds!).

I am starting to work on the Residents’ Guide to City Services, which looks to be a large project that will take up the majority of the second half of my VISTA term. At this point I am mostly in the research phase of the project, seeing which services the city offers to residents and how best to organize and highlight each service. It should be a tough project, but hopefully the end result will be something that helps out members of the community.

I am also extremely grateful for the people that have continued to come to my salsa class at Rosa Keller. It has been a blast getting to teach something I am so passionate about as well as getting to meet many members of the Broadmoor community and beyond. There is also a Spanish conversation circle that goes on at the same time, so there’s been some talk of trying to conduct the class in Spanish! My dreams of becoming a dance teacher and being multilingual might actually be coming into fruition! It’s been wonderful to be able to pursue my passions as such. I wonder if this means I’m on the path to becoming Beyoncé’s backup dancer…. A girl can dream.

On a personal note, I am so thankful for all the people who made my birthday last week so special, and thanks to Tulane VISTA for getting those cupcakes 🙂 And a big shout out to my fellow VISTA, John Coyle, for this frightening-yet-impressive photo shop job (see below).

No words can describe how grateful I am that this picture exists.

No words can describe how simultaneously grateful and scared I am that this picture exists.

That’s all for this month! Look for my next blog, coming to a computer near you shortly after Christmas 2014!



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