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Wilson Charter School: November Field Report

Fall Fest was the icing on the cake for the Wolf Pack. We painted pumpkins, pie-ed teachers and scared the life out of kids for the fun it. Coming together as a family for a great cause made me feel warm inside so all the ripping and running was worth it.

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Ending the month on a great note one must feel anxious to wonder what exciting things will happen in the month of November.  Well, while I was planning Fall Fest I was assisting our in-house Early Learning team in developing an Early Learning Program here at Wilson. I have been/was excited to recruit parent to sign themselves and their kids up for this wonderful opportunity. The title of the program is Learning Everyday Together Series (LETS). LETS is a four week literacy program that focuses on taking every opportunity / space available to create a teachable moment. For example, while cooking in the kitchen you have a recipe and you know you will need flour, eggs, and milk. The question you would ask your child is to look for the package that says F L O U R, in that moment you have created a classroom and your child is on their way to reading. The creative ideas that our team has developed are amazing so I’ve been really excited for this series to take off.  The initial parent/student involvement we were aiming for was 20 and I exceeded that number in signups so some parents were wait-listed for the series that will be held this fall at the Rosa Keller Library.


On opening day I’m feeling really anxious with excitement because I’ve checked everything off on my check list with sending out flyers, following up with parent making sure they knew this was available for them and their child, and I really felt good. I make it up the stairs to the library and there is dinner available and some parents are eating with their children and then I look at the sign-in sheet and there are only four parent plus me which makes five in attendance, and one parent is leaving. I started to feel really devastated, like I haven’t done enough with making sure parent will be here; what can I do to make this right? I’ve dropped the ball! So I start calling parents on my list and the first thing they say is that they have forgotten and I’m like “I just talked with most of you guys on Monday and you just came to aftercare to pick up your child.” I felt really awful, needless to say, and to add insult to injury I sent out reminders for our POPs meeting we were holding on that following Friday so I could have sent out reminders for LETS too, so I didn’t do all I could to make sure parents were there. Lesson learned.  On Monday while I was preparing for our monthly WFA meeting, I came up with a game plan. I will send out personalized reminders to parents with schedules and on the day before and the day of I will call and remind parents and if that increases the number of attendance from last week it would made everything right with the universe!

However, tragedy recently hit the school like a huge wave; the most unexpected thing happened in all the history of Wilson Charter School. We lost a family on Tuesday November 11, 2014  and it shook this community up like never before. Everything was at a standstill and lives at Wilson will be forever changed. So my plan was going to work, but instead of calling parents to remind them on Thursday, I was calling to let them know that LETS was being postponed until the following week.  Wilson has really supported students and staff during this rough time. The Anderson family will truly be missed and never forgotten.

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  1. Jack Styczynski
    November 20, 2014

    Prayers for you and Wilson. Hang in there, Sheana!

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