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Field Report: Cafe Reconcile

This has been a relatively quiet month at Cafe Reconcile compared to the first 2 months I’ve been here. Beyond doing my daily tasks, I’ve truly come to appreciate the fellowship that comes with sharing a bite of food. Early in October, we were told that our wonderful class 6 (pictured below) would be sponsored by Shell Gas. After a long discussion with president Mark Quartermain, his vice president John Hollowell of Shell North America and two other board members, my supervisor and the CEO of Cafe Reconcile were able to win them over with a little help of our delicious bread pudding. A total of $25,000 was promised to help sponsor the program fees and potential recurring sponsorship in the future as well. All in all, it was a pretty good day for me.

group4 edit

Also, a huge chunk of my time this month was spent on learning this software called “Donor Perfect.”   After working with it for over 4 weeks, I’ve realized this is the most amazing and helpful program ever….and I hate it. I really hopes this somehow translates into something I can use in the future. But at least now I know how to create financial reports on just about anything!

Although I really shouldn’t be complaining about this, but as of October, staff does not receive free lunch any more. Yeah I know, tears were shed. However, we do get quite a discount on our meals from the Cafe, so I suppose it’s not too much of a downside.

During my free time this month, I have begun learning some French in hopes of traveling to this wonderful city next summer:


The beautiful city of Lyon, France!

I will be visiting my Chinese speaking French cousins there. Anyone wanna start a French speaking circle in conjunction to that Spanish one that Emily started? Yes, no? Okay. maybe later.


2 comments on “Field Report: Cafe Reconcile

  1. Jack Styczynski
    October 29, 2014

    My condolences on losing free lunch privileges. We need to find a place to crash!

    • swu42014
      October 30, 2014

      Indeed, I’m thinking about moving a TV and my xbox/wii into my room soon and just turn the living room into a game/saints watching room under John’s approval.

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