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Hi everyone- Thanks for sticking around to read my second blog post! My second month at Project Homecoming has been really hectic but honestly really great. There have been a lot of changes and additions to the team- all really positive. We spent the first week of September at our all-staff retreat at the Village and really got to know one another. We did a ton of team building exercises- like the picture below where we had to build the tallest standing tower without speaking (even though most people in our organization are on-site, it was really hard!!).

photo 4

Along with all of the fun team building exercises, we also had really intense seminars and conversations about social issues that plague this city. It was eye-opening to hear the opinions of so many different people coming from all different backgrounds- New Orleans natives and transplants alike. By far, my favorite part of the retreat was the fact that I got to know the Crew (non-AmeriCorps). They have such great stories, are so open to different ideas, and are such positive, inspiring people. They are also hilarious- each and every one of them- and they treated me as if we’d known each other for years. Most of the Construction Crew is made of New Orleans locals and so I don’t really get to hang out with them as much as I do the AmeriCorps members just solely because of AmeriCorps programming.

photo 5

Here’s some members of PH working together washing dishes!

photo 3

Other great things that have been happening are the random acts of kindness at work where people will bake goodies and I’m loving it. Here’s a picture of a pecan chocolate chip cookie- thanks Chris!!

photo 1

Anyway, this month was really great. We’ve had a ton of local volunteers become interested in volunteer opportunities, and we’re in the long haul to get volunteers for the winter/spring! So if you or anyone you know wants to spend a week in New Orleans to help rebuild a community- definitely contact me!

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