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The Work Picks Up – Beau Braddock

As my workload increases at CPS, the time has begun to fly by, and I am now constantly aware of deadlines. Between the various events that Tulane CPS has scheduled and the programming that our partner sites are trying to make happen, I am starting to get a better understanding of not only the planning logistics for events, but the details that it takes to carry out a successful event.

John Coyle and Alle Ehrhardt at the Tulane City Center

John Coyle and Alle Ehrhardt at the Tulane City Center

This fall, the Tulane VISTA team will be working on a Tulane AmeriCorps Alumni event, which will hopefully bring together past and current Tulane VISTAs to chat, network, look back at their years of service, and offer advice to the newbies. Perhaps the most important aspect of an event like this is making sure that people actually show up. This means publicizing like crazy, making sure that people know the exact time, the location, how to park, who will be there, what events it will carry over into, who will speak, making sure to provide a good food and drink option, etc. All of this will no doubt take place within the last few weeks before the event, although to be fair it is a small occasion.

In lighter news, I have really enjoyed being able to have regular meetings with the VISTA Fellows. Their sites are spread throughout the city and I not only enjoy being able to get out of the office, but the ability to get a feel for their organization and their projects is an added plus. For most of the Fellows, their work is going quite well as they navigate their sites (if they are new) and begin to plan for long term professional development.

Additionally, I really enjoy the ability to provide them with resources and try and hunt down some opportunities that I think that they could really take advantage of. Likewise, the Fellows team, and for that matter the Corridor group, has really taken the initiative to strategize and form partnerships in projects that otherwise would have required lots of red tape. For example, Alle Ehrhardt has been working with John Coyle at the Tulane City Center to enlist service-learning students to build benches for the APEX Youth Center. The benches have already been designed, judged, selected, and are in the process of being built at the Center’s site near their basketball court.

I’m optimistic about the projects that are in store for me this year as I will be able to build upon some assessment and evaluation skills as well as some asset mapping and supervising skills as well.

Talk to you all soon with more updates!


About beaubraddock

Beau is currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA Fellow with the Tulane University Center for Public Service in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated in May of 2014 from Newcomb-Tulane College with a BA in International Relations and International Development, and previously worked in Haiti and India. Beau loves to draw, paint, back-pack, fly-fish, pretend he is good at photography, and travel. An adamant lover of indie films and all things edible, Beau once escaped a falling burning tree in a forest, even though no one else was there to hear it.


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