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Field Report: Rosa F. Keller Library and Community Center

This past month at Rosa Keller Library and Community Center has been a whirlwind. On August 23 we were fortunate enough to have Outreach Tulane volunteers come out and help us with a variety of projects, including a survey on employment in Broadmoor. Part of my role as a VISTA for the  Broadmoor Education Corridor is designing and implementing programs for workforce development and adult education, so I believe it is important to get as much feedback and input from the community as possible. Even though it poured rain the day of Outreach (in typical New Orleans fashion), our volunteers were troopers and we really appreciated their time and effort. With the information gained from the survey, we were able to determine that the most desired types of workforce programming in Broadmoor include computer skills training, job fairs, resume workshops, and networking opportunities.

Every day I am more and more impressed by the dedication and heart that the residents in this neighborhood continue to show. We hope to be able to offer more and better programs for the people in Broadmoor, beginning with a basic computer skills workshop in addition to our open computer lab currently offered. One of many obstacles to gaining employment is as simple as a lack of knowledge about the application process–more and more employers are using online applications, and many require applicants to upload resumes. For someone with limited computer literacy, this can be discouraging.

The Community Center is fortunate enough to have a mobile computer lab, so my hope is to be able to utilize these resources to help develop the workforce in the community. We’ve got a lot of exciting projects in store for the year, and the computer skills workshop is just the beginning!



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