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Field Report: Wilson Charter School – Sheana Turner

Sheana serves as the Parent Liason at Wilson Charter School in Broadmoor.

Sheana serves as the Parent Liason at Wilson Charter School in Broadmoor.

Hi, I’m Sheana Turner, an AmeriCorps VISTA Fellow currently serving at Andrew H. Wilson Charter School. I’m a mother of two boys, Jaiden and Royale. Last year at this time I was just a parent of a Pre-K student here at Wilson but this school year I’m the Parent Liaison for the school–how awesome is that! I was born in New Orleans, right here in this community. Wilson wasn’t my elementary school, but the Keller Library was my resource center. I’m so proud to call this city home and this community is a great place where my children can learn and grow.

Andrew H. Wilson was one of the first schools that reopened in 2007 with the New Orleans Recovery School District due to the great efforts, blood, sweat, and tears of Broadmoor community members. Here at Wilson the mission is learning! We at Wilson also believe that all entities should be involved in this process, starting with parents and connecting with teachers to make sure that all parties agree to one common goal of academic success for the student. Parent involvement is crucial. To get parents involved, we hold Wilson Family Association (WFA) meetings.  The Wilson Family Association includes a series of monthly family meetings dedicated to strengthening Wilson’s core values: Pride, Perseverance, Acceptance, Achievement, Creativity, Cooperation, Kindness, and Knowledge.  WFA meetings include a short performance by one of our Pre-K – 8th grade classes in addition to a hands-on workshop for families that promote the core values and academic achievement.

Andrew H. Wilson Charter School in Broadmoor

Andrew H. Wilson Charter School in Broadmoor

As a Parent Liaison, my goal this year is to encourage parents to get involved, develop a mothers group, and support the Protectors of the Pack (POPs) group that we already have in place. These things will expand parent involvement not just in the school, but in our community as well. Parents that don’t have time or expertise to contribute must rest assured that just their presence here at the school makes a difference to their kids and the teacher; knowing someone cares for them beyond the door seal of their home makes children want to push harder to succeed.



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