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Field Report: Cowen Institute – Griffith Hibbard-Curto

My staff photo taken in our office.

Photo taken in our office for our staff page.

 Greetings! I have been trucking through my second month at the Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives with very few gripes. All of my coworkers are considerate and passionate individuals, and as I have settled in to my role as VISTA here it has only become easier to collaborate with them on work. Early in this period of work I was able to help out with the rollout of our biggest annual document, The State of Public Education in New Orleans for 2014.

The charming cover of our big annual report.

The charming cover of our big annual report.

I was responsible for all of our social media outreach, and we achieved interaction numbers on Twitter that we have never matched before. There were also a number of successful Facebook posts, and the future will involve an expansion of our social media tactics.

A change at work that was thrilling to me was my transition from a half-cubicle to sharing an office with a beautiful window view with Operations Manager and superstar Alex Hand. The chance to work with some natural light is really a fantastic improvement versus staring at a wall under fluorescent lights.

In our lovely shared workspace.

In our lovely shared workspace.

Another project I tackled was converting our State of Public Education in New Orleans (henceforth known as SPENO) report into a Keynote and Powerpoint presentation that will be given over the next few months to school leaders, charter management organizations and other education-based groups. It’s been fulfilling doing work with high visibility, but I have also enjoyed crafting documents and resources for internal use. Currently I have a pretty even time distribution between those larger projects and the ‘capacity-building’ tasks that benefit the organization’s longevity. In the coming month, I look forward to increasing my involvement with our College and Career Readiness department’s Upward Bound initiative and the Reconnecting Opportunity Youth department’s Earn and Learn program, both of which will be kicking off their fall academic cycles shortly. I will also be tabling for new recruits for Upward Bound in the upcoming Make a Difference Service Fair on Tulane’s campus. The largest work coming up on my horizon is the reconstruction of our website and the development of our Annual Report for the 2014 fiscal year. I am responsible for much of the design of both of these behemoth tasks as well as coordinating all four departments of our staff to collaborate and submit resources for their completion. Although they will both be considerable efforts, I’m glad to have the opportunity to impact Cowen Institute in such a notable way. 

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