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New Orleans, August, 2012

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this final VISTA blog post.  In many ways this is something of a false ending.  After this Friday I will no longer be a Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA member at Eden House, but I will still be working at Eden House.  I will transition into the role of “full time staff member” which makes me laugh somewhat because for the past two years that is certainly what I have already been.  This Friday will mark not only the end of my AmeriCorps VISTA term, but the end of two years of being a “fellow” at Eden House and the start of my third year living in the city.

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New Orleans, June, 2006

A lot of things have changed since August 2012, and mostly for the better.  I had initially thought this final post would be my attempt at an homage to this city I fell in love with 8 years ago and then set out to move to full time.  In my final year at college, my repeated answer to what I was going to do when I graduated was that I intended to move to New Orleans.  When people asked why I wanted to do a thing like that, my refrain was that the city made me happy – its people, its culture, its energy.  And though this love still stands and has become increasingly personal and nuanced, I am not the first to fall in love with her and I will not be the last.

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New Orleans, June, 2006

But the many, seemingly disparate, yet  consistently upsetting events of this past week have left me going to sleep musing on more than my love affair with New Orleans.  Instead, I have been thinking a lot about what drew me to this work in the first place and about one of my favorite 12-step/AA phrases – “Attitude of Gratitude”  This phrase is about a fundamental approach to the world and how as an individual I decide to interact with the setbacks and blessings I will meet on a daily basis.  As we “challenge” each other and put out calls for each other to do better, be more aware, take stands – I am reminded that the one thing I can control is myself.  I can control my attitude. I can control how I react.  And I can control how I treat the people in my life.

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New Orleans, April, 2010

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”



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