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Field Report: CBNO – Jack D.

There has been a sense of “almost-ness” threaded through several of my posts during my year of service with CBNO. I’ve repeatedly needed to snake my way through the odd coincidence of a report deadline falling just before the arrival of some project milestone or conclusion. This month, of course, is no different. In this case, the news that’s still three days over the horizon is significant enough to merit a press release.


I’m giddy.

I’m giddy. Here are the juicy bits:

New Blight-Fighting Tools to be Unveiled at June 28 Zion City Event

Councilmember Cantrell to be featured speaker; new community park also debuting

Despite welcome recent progress, blight remains a substantial problem in New Orleans. Residents, neighborhoods and community groups still struggle to access the resources they need to combat blight. Further, many also find it challenging to navigate the complex processes related to blighted properties.

To enable New Orleanians to be more successful in addressing blight, two free new tools will be unveiled on June 28. The release of these tools will take place at Greater St. James Church, 4225 Erato Street in Zion City. Councilmember LaToya Cantrell will be the featured speaker, along with representatives of the various organizations involved in preparing the new blight-fighting tools. The official program for the event will begin at 11:00 AM, and will be preceded by a community workshop to create attractive park benches out of donated and repurposed materials such as wooden palettes. Music and refreshments will be included. The event will take place rain or shine.

The two new tools are a Blight Resource Guide and a Blight Organizing Toolkit.

Community members, neighborhood leaders and the media are invited to attend the event on June 28. Copies of the Blight Resource Guide will be distributed, as well as information on accessing and using the Blight Organizing Toolkit. Key participants in the event will be available for interviews before and after the official program, and are also available for other media appearances.”

This post also falls right in the middle of the 2014 World Cup. It’d be hard to guess this, but my interest in soccer had a lot to do with my interest in community-building and engagement. In light of that, I’d like wish everybody happy viewing (I know it’s only once every four years for a lot of you) and to end this month’s post with another quote—this from J.B. Priestly’s The Good Companions:

To say that these men paid their shillings to watch twenty-two hirelings kick a ball is merely to say that a violin is wood and catgut, that Hamlet is so much paper and ink. For a shilling the Bruddersford United A.F.C. offered you Conflict and Art; … and what is more, it turned you into a member of a new community, all brothers together for an hour and a half, for not only had you escaped from the clanking machinery of this lesser life, from work, wages, rent, doles, sick pay, insurance cards, nagging wives, ailing children, bad bosses, idle workmen, but you have escaped with most of your mates and your neighbors, with half the town, and there you were, cheering together, thumping one another on the shoulders, swopping judgments like lords of the earth, having pushed your way through a turnstile into another and altogether more splendid kind of life, hurtling with Conflict and yet passionate and beautiful in its Art.




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