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Field Update – The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights

There’s big news soon to come out of our office, but for now I’m to remain tight-lipped. As far as blogging about work goes, this is unfortunate as nearly all of my time is dedicated to developing strategy around said news.


So, I’ll continue with other updates. We’re hiring a director of development! This is huge. Aside from the executive director, I’ve spent over a year as the only staff member working in fundraising and communications. This had its perks, of course. I learned that when charged with a project of which I know nothing about, when it’s either “sink or swim,” I generally stay afloat. As a recent college graduate in my first professional position, it’s a relief to know that when faced with a challenge, I’m not a total flop. Having to navigate the scope of responsibilities with little supervision, I’ve learned a lot about the “real world” and myself. It’s true that figuring out how things work is intimidating, and depressing. But once you have the “aha!” moment, and it makes sense and fits together, it’s wonderfully liberating. I won’t often admit it, but I have truly enjoyed the outrageous levels of anxiety caused by working independently—(and inexperienced).

But, there’s always another side to the coin. With a new boss who’s entirely focused on development, I’m excited to see how a person in that position functions. Somewhere down the line it’s a title I might reach for, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to observe and work alongside a colleague in that role. But mostly, I’m counting down until I can have partner in the work. Everything is more interesting, lively, and engaging when you can collaborate as opposed to getting things done alone… Boring!


We’re also hiring an investigator. Shaena, our current staff investigator, is leaving. She’s extraordinary, and while we’re all excited for her next step, it will be a great loss. Sighh. Do any readers out there have great candidates in mind for a director of development or an investigator? Please send any leads along, I’m all ears. Posting in forum after forum online can be tiresome, especially after reading through piles of resumes from which only one or two qualified applicants surface. And it’s only made worse by the fact that I’ll very much miss the woman whose position I’m tasked to fill!

Anyway, there’s a lot going on around LCCR, and running parallel to that is preparing for the soon-to-be significantly changed staff (our administrative assistant is leaving too, to begin law school at Loyola). My second VISTA year is sure shaping up to be interesting!



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