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Field Report: A’s & Aces


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The month of April has been a crazy one for me but a very exciting one for A’s & Aces. At the beginning of the month, we held our first ever, USTA sanctioned New Orleans Junior Grand Prix. Young tennis athletes from across the state came to join us at Joe Brown Memorial Park from April 4th to April 6th to play matches in their division. It was great for A’s & Aces to get its name out there beyond the scope of New Orleans. Many parents were impressed with the work we did and the event that we were able to throw together. Comments were that we had hosted one of the best tournaments that they have been to in a long time. However, being on the other side of the curtain, the whole event was a crazy experience with crazy parents arguing about referee calls, missing trophies, and sporadic showers. We were able to have Tulane VISTAs come out throughout Saturday to help us with the tournament. The help was much appreciated.

Besides the tournament, we also held a Spring Break/Easter Camp from April 21st-24th. We had a lot more campers than we had at our previous Mardi Gras camp along with students from various schools around the New Orleans area such as Osborne, Lusher, and ARISE Academy. All of our coaches came out and ran the different groups for different level of players. Everyday, we practiced the basic techniques and we also had swimming lessons! The campers had a great time by the end of the week. I think spending the spring break with A’s & Aces definitely improved their tennis skill as well as provided an opportunity to make new friends and experience something different than staying at home.

Toward the end of the month, two out of three of our summer camps are full with over a hundred students combined. Now, we only have to worry about filling the Joe Brown Summer Camp out in New Orleans East. We also started our Sports Matters Fundraising Campaign sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Through this fundraiser, we get matched donations if we raise enough to meet our goal. Its a dollar for dollar match, but the catch is if we do not meet our goal, we get $0. 



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