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April at Rethink

Although slow at first, April has been a month that’s proven to be the beginning of some critical planning for Rethink’s Summer Leadership Institute.

I’m not even sure when the ball started rolling since so much of planning is hands off on my part, but once it did start rolling, the ball definitely picked up some speed and size as well.

…just like a snowball

Browsing through potential grants has been pushed to the back burner as I’m now focusing on summer institute food coordination, garden volunteer meetings (the spring/summer weather is finally coming around), potential interns, various publicity events, and so much more, not to mention all the personal tasks that have magically popped up all at once.

I'd say I'm handling it pretty well

I’d say I’m handling it pretty well

Regardless, I’m more than happy to take on a supporting role in food coordination and getting to spend work hours sorting through local eateries has been great. I’ve also noticed a significant increase in my hunger levels and snackage rate this past week.

Favorite snack of the week: Pancakes with chocolate, greek yogurt, and peanut butter. Mmm...

Favorite snack of the week: Homemade oatcakes with chocolate, greek yogurt, and peanut butter. Mmm…



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