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Field Report: A’s & Aces- Chao Li

Helping out at practice!

Helping out at practice!

February has been a relatively slow paced month for A’s & Aces. We worked on our regular programming at our sites. We have had many new students join us at our Saturday Clinics, at Pontchartrain Park, mainly due to our commercial that aired recently. This is especially important since in the past we have seen many of our younger students displaying sporadic attendance. Although, this is expected since the youngest groups are less invested in our programming and tennis overall.

In terms of administrative work, I have been primarily focused on outreach materials. For a week, I focused on drafting a new brochure from scratch. The vision of the new 4-fold brochure came from one of our board members with a background in advertising and marketing. I’m excited to see the finished brochure and see how it affects our targeted audience. Also, I was presented with the opportunity to table at Jesuit High School to recruit volunteers to help out at our summer camps. Jesuit juniors are required to complete one hundred hours of service as a requirement. I was only able to get about 5 students to sign up but that is no guarantee that they will actually commit to something that far out. I was able to get this opportunity out to the junior tennis athletes there, but I have not heard any replies. Hopefully, we will find some volunteers in the near future. We are also planning on recruiting Tulane students.


Coach Hampton at ARISE Academy

In preparation for the three tournaments that we have planned later this spring, our students have been practicing hard during the week as well as on Saturdays. In addition to regular drills and games that we have during Saturday clinics, we have also implemented a ladder to rank our participants based on skill level. Along with playing matches, we are teach all of our kids the rules of the game, especially in tournaments, such as calling out the score before starting every point and having two tennis balls before starting the serve. It is really fun working with all the students who want to learn the sport and get better.


Practicing hard on Saturdays



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