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Field Report: Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools

Happy new year to all the wonderful people who read this blog and support our work (Kids Rethink and other organizations represented on this page)! That being said, I wanted to backtrack a little into the end of Rethink’s 2013 and talk about a certain event that happened….you guessed it! Chew Dat.

Chew Dat teams getting ready to shop at Whole Foods.

Chew Dat teams getting ready to shop at Whole Foods.

For those of you who have followed my updates, you’ll know that I was non-stop reminding people of Chew Dat, Rethink’s annual fundraising cook-off. When Rethink staff first started discussing 2013’s fundraiser, I remember being overwhelmed with the fact that I was appointed as a co-supervisor of this project. I had no prior experience of past years’ events to rely on, and I didn’t have a solid outcome in my mind, making me very hesitant in the initial steps of planning. As the weeks passed, and with the guidance of my current supervisor, Rachel Lee, I was finally able to get a complete picture of what the event should look like. As I gained much needed confidence in myself, I also became more confident in my abilities to plan and organize. Chew Dat 2013 ended up being much more successful than anyone could have imagined. We raised $10,000 and had so much food for guests that most were able to leave with full bellies, in contrast to previous years.

Donated groceries--huge thank you to Whole Foods!

Donated groceries–huge thank you to Whole Foods!

The Food Fighters (NOCCA’s team/Rethinker led team) swept away the 2013 competition and received the coveted Golden Spork award.

Team Food Fighters prepping and planning.

Team Food Fighters prepping and planning.

It was amazing to be able to see a Rethinker lead fellow NOCCA highschoolers to make food that was restaurant quality and equally, if not more, delicious. Just reflecting back on all the amazing dishes prepped by each team makes me hungry…

Look at that concentration! The clock is ticking...

Look at that concentration! The clock is ticking…

Looking back I realize I’ve learned so many more things about myself and gained confidence in my abilities to plan and organize under stress. Most of all though, I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Rethink staff and my wonderful supervisor, Rachel Lee.



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