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Advice: Take Advantage of Your Opportunities

Since beginning my term in August, it has been such a whirlwind of ups and downs! Despite the challenges, I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed being here in New Orleans, and being a part of the Tulane community. There are many things I could tell you, but one piece of advice I’d give you right now is, take advantage of your opportunities. You will be presented with and discover so many different events that you can attend, whether it is strictly for social purposes or networking with professionals. Either way, go out, enjoy yourself, and meet some great folks!

Natalie.Dec1This month alone, I’ve attended some awesome events, including the Gender, Sexuality, and Hip Hop Conference, hosted by the Anna Julia Cooper Project, and a Careers in Government & Public Service networking event, hosted by AmeriCorps Alums NOLA. These events were also totally FREE! I know we all love free events, with food, beverages, and such!  The conference focused on discussions about “hip hop feminism,” and how this affects the way people develop and form think about other people. I absolutely loved it! I may not be in school anymore, but it’s important that I continue to learn and grow. The networking event on careers was also informative and enjoyable. The event began with presentations by the Bush School of Government and Public Service and the Clinton School of Public Service. The presentations were followed by a panel including representatives from the two schools and two professionals in the community. I believe that everyone was able to take away something from this event.

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As I stated before, take advantage of these opportunities, whether they are free or not. During your service year, get involved in the community by going to events, volunteering, meeting new people, and learning about the issues in the community. Also remember, life is not all about work. It’s also important to have fun, so go out and explore!

I have plenty of time left in my service year, so let’s see where this journey takes me!



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