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Field Report: Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools

Chew Dat! November was filled with organizing, contacting community partners, and securing sponsorships for Rethink’s largest annual fundraiser of the year, Chew Dat 2013. It’s getting to the point where I’m able to see everything pull together which is very exciting. My supervisor Rachel was also quoted saying, “Chew Dat is my favorite day of the year!”, meaning y’all should all get pumped for this event!

My highlight of the month was TEDxYouth 2013 which was held in New Orleans this year at the Civic Theater.


I had the opportunity to be the chaperone for two of our lovely Rethinkers, Ny’keisha and Denzel.

Representing Rethink!

Representing Rethink!

They were both beyond excited to go and we bumped into various Rethinkers who had come with organized school groups.

As you can see, they both had a great time.

As you can see, they both had a great time.

The speakers were phenomenal and some of my favorites included Joy Reidenberg, Caitlin E. O’Connell, and Eddy Cartaya. Their speeches ranged from the mathematical models used in Pixar films to the dynamics of an elephant family. Being that it was a day to celebrate exceptional young people, there were also many young guest speakers. Although I was impressed with all of their accomplishments, the girl who stood out to me the most with her accomplishments was  13 year-old entrepreneur Maya Penn. She’s not only the CEO of her own eco-friendly clothing and jewelry company, but is also an animator, environmental activist, philanthropist, writer, and many other things. Wow.

In between speakers, there were breaks where the youth audience was invited to open mike on the stage. Ny’Keisha took this opportunity to show off her flexibility and did the splits in front of a crowd of 300+ people. The entire event was live-streamed online and recorded as well and can be watched here.

All in all, it was a fantastic day!




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