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Field Report: A’s & Aces

Chao.Oct2It has been an interesting month for A’s & Aces. This month, I mainly focused on a fundraising project through Entergy. It involves filming a video of Entergy employees coming out and volunteering in the community, and crowdsourcing to acquire votes to win money. First place prize was $5,000!

After arriving on the site to film our volunteer, I had realized that the Saturday Clinic during tropical storm Karen was cancelled. So, I filmed the whole video without actual service. Instead, I used pictures of what we usually do.

Once the video was up on the Facebook page the day after the deadline, voting began. For a whole week, I tabled in the LBC at Tulane to gather votes. I usually got around 40 votes a day standing there for around 7 hours. Tulane students did not seem too eager to spend 30 seconds to help out our nonprofit. This was pretty disappointing since I had to deal with “No’s” 9/10 times when I approached students. However, when I did get them to spare a few seconds to vote, I was able to tell them about A’s & Aces and do some outreach work on campus. In the end, we did not make it to the top 3 most popular videos list. Although unfortunate, I learned a lot from this experience about what works and what does not.

Another exciting thing that happened this month was that A’s & Aces was selected as the #1 NJTL (National Junior Tennis Learning) Chapter in the United States. Representatives flew in and made a pretty successful video of our work. Our board president, Anna Monhartova, is flying to Denver to accept the award.




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