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imageThe month of November has been an interesting one at A’s & Aces. I have been in charge of making all the Super Service Challenge videos and submitting them by the end of the month. This involves visiting most of our sites during the work week and on Saturdays to capture what A’s & Aces is all about. The videos are pretty easy to make, but filming out in the open, unscripted caused some problems. I think the biggest struggle that I had during the process of making the videos is finding appropriate background music to match the tone of the content of the video. The video that I enjoyed making the most was the service project with kids making Thanksgiving cards for the elderly. Over the Thanksgiving break, I was able to upload a total of 8 Super Service Challenge videos for A’s & Aces. Out of the 8, I filmed and edited seven of them, while a service learner was in charge of making one from our annual Tulane campus tour. We wanted to make another video for another service project for our students at Dillard, but the miscommunication caused us to postpone the fleece blanket making service project for the 2nd of December.

Chao.Nov2Also, we had our annual field trip for the kids in our program to visit/tour Tulane’s campus. We planned a total of 3 field trips for 4th graders at ARISE. Not as much planning went into the field trip than I expected. It only involved getting service learners to come in mornings and lead the children in groups around Tulane including some of their favorite spots on campus. We only ended up doing 2 field trips, and the 3rd one was postponed for December 6th. The kids were really excited to be on Tulane’s campus. Some were a little too excited! Our annual field trip to Tulane University goes along with our mission of instilling the idea of college as a real possibility in the future. Many of our parents were not able to finish or even go to college. We hope that enticing the children through the campus tour will help strengthen their drive to go to college.




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