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Farewell, Lucy!

The ribbon cutting!

The ribbon cutting!

The SoFAB Culinary Library is open! This is exciting for me because when I first began my VISTA terms 2 years ago the museum had just purchased a building with this vision in mind. At the time it was purchased the building didn’t even have a back wall. It was in bad shape. Now as my time as a VISTA comes to an end people are coming into the library daily to browse the museum’s collection of thousands of cookbooks.

Unloading the books and organizing them.

Unloading the books and organizing them.

So many volunteers have been involved throughout my VISTA terms. I am happy I got to be a part of this project coordinating the volunteer efforts. When the building was first purchased students from Howard University‘s Alternative Breaks program spent their 2012 spring break preparing the building for renovations and packing up 12,000 books. The following Spring Tulane staff and faculty participated in a Day of Service organized by the Center for Public Service and moved all those boxes of books. And now that the construction is done, these past few months have been filled with volunteers working hundreds of hours to prepare the library for the October 30th grand opening. We have assembled thousands of linear feet of shelving and refreshed our knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System to shelve all the books.

Getting the books onto the shelves with librarian Angelique Carson!

Getting the books on the shelves with librarian Angelique Carson!

Me preparing for the opening by creating a poster of images showing the transformation.

Me preparing for the opening by creating a poster of images showing the transformation.

Me with SoFAB's president!

Me with SoFAB’s president!

It’s been a great 2 years and I am happy to see this project through the end! (of course, it’s not the end. The hope is that the collection will grow so big that the building will have to expand.)

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