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Field Report – Oportunidades NOLA

TomOportunidades is in a great place. We are thrilled to be in our new home with our new organization, the Latino Farmers Cooperative. We have moved and La Cooperativa has been very generous in gathering the materials we need to begin the semester. We have begun registration and classes. It looks like we will be able to run all our previous programing and field 35 plus volunteers, many from Tulane CPS. The semester is beginning and the volunteers are just beginning to cycle through, get to know the school, us, the students. The bubbling of community and relationship are just starting and forming. This is going to be a great semester

Our increased scope of health and wellness classes has a great start. Our program director is just beginning this work. We have two Tulane public health students who are going to begin work on this curriculum and this is such a gift! Their enthusiasm and knowledge is going to be a great benefit to our overworked staff.

We still have much to do. Our board and staff have some communication issues, but we’re staying in strong conversation and finding new tools. Our office is still far from organized and our data is scattered across the building. But we are happy and spending the hours keeping up and moving forward.

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