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Field Report: Alliance for Affordable Energy

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Well, I’m back at the Alliance after having two weeks off for vacation. The first week went pretty well, since I was in Georgia for Christmas, but the second week was a disaster after returning to New Orleans, because I was sick with the flu for most of the week, but I did survive, and thought I’d better finish my December monthly report before things get too busy for me in January, which by the way begins my 11 month as an AmeriCorps/Visa Volunteer.

December went incredibly fast starting with our house party on Dec. 6th. The house party was to raise some much needed funds for the Alliance, but also to reconnect with our community members and supporters. We had the event at the Canal Street Inn, which is a bed and breakfast, and owned and operated by Monica Ramsey, who hosted the event, and is one of our board members for the Alliance for Affordable Energy.

Because of all of Monica’s hard work setting up everything at the Inn, and Jessica Netto’s (AAE’s new Director of Operations) amazing skills in advertising the event. We had a great turnout.  Over 60 people showed up for the event and we raised over 3000.00 dollars. We had some great food catered by the Canal Street Bistro with a good amount of wine and some awesome music. The music was performed live by a local artist and native of New Orleans, Cristina Perez.  Of course, I helped out too. I was the bartender for the evening. It was mostly wine, which made it easy, but we also had some potent eggnog and a refreshingly spiked apple cider, which was spiked with rum and the first thing to go. It was a grand night.

The rest of the month seemed to just fly by. The following week I started interviewing for our internship program for the spring semester and I had a good turnout of interested students. I had eight positions to fill and they should all be filled by Jan. 22nd, which is the start of our spring internship.

We had a few other projects and events at the Alliance before the beginning of the holiday vacation, but nothing compares to the success of the house party and the amazing people I interviewed, who were very excited about volunteering their time and skills helping out the Alliance for the 2013 spring semester.

-Jon Scott, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTAAlliance for Affordable Energy

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