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Field Report: Youth Rebuilding New Orleans

I can’t believe another month has passed already! Time flies when there’s a lot to be done. This month at YRNO has been busy with organizing and executing Hurricane Isaac recovery efforts. YRNO is also in the process of hiring a new staff member to implement the Future Leaders Initiative. Meanwhile, managing a volunteer calendar that was already nearing capacity before the storm hit. Instead of rambling about the great work that YRNO and volunteers have accomplished this month, I will explain through pictures:

This month, we hosted 80 volunteers from the OG Cares Foundation in one  BIG day of service. This was my first experience working on a YRNO project site as a YRNO staff member. Although this is not my area of expertise, I’d like to think that we had a lot of fun!

Last Sunday, YRNO rallied volunteers for Buds for Braithwaite, a day of service to benefit those in Braithwaite whose homes were flooded during Hurricane Isaac. Streets were lined with homes that were completely destroyed. Major props are due to everyone who helped to make the event a success, including more than 30 Tulane volunteers!

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Tulane VISTAs: Jack Duffy, Jack Hua, and Jean Hsu for all of their help at the event!

-Lauren Lim, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTAYouth Rebuilding New Orleans


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