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Field Report: Southern Food and Beverage Museum

We’ve been cooking up a storm at Kids Culinary Camp. Check out the blog for updates on the daily activities, Sofabkidsculinarycamp2012.wordpress.com, or read on for some highlights!

Most recipes start with chopping!

Making corn fritters

Look how onions change when you sauté them, and notice the smell!

everyone talking about a recipe that’s important to them and their family

We all take turns adding a different ingredient, then we stir like crazy!

Making butter by shaking a bottle of heavy whipping cream. It’s more fun if you dance while you do it!

Squeezing oranges to make orange juice with the New Orleans Fruit Tree Project

Learning about the origins of traditional New Orleans dishes

A scavenger hunt through the museum, “What makes up the Trinity?” “Where did the name Po-Boy come from?”

Everyone drew their favorite meal from the week and described how it tasted using deccriptive words such as spicy, savory, tangy!

Writing the recipes in our cookbooks so we can make it again at home

We end each day by setting the table and sharing a meal together. It always tastes better because we worked so hard to prepare it and we leave camp full of good food and good conversation!

-Lucy Rosenbloom, Tulane CPS AmeriCorps VISTA, Southern Food and Beverage Museum


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