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Field Report: Puentes New Orleans

May Field Report: Puentes New Orleans

I am officially at the half way point of my service. This past month has gone by so quickly. I only realize that when it is time to write another blog post and I wonder where the time has gone. I have been moderately busy at work. The Tulane Service Learners finished up their work and I’ve been printing out the flyers and research papers that they produced so I can add these things to the sustainability binder. I get some satisfaction from this and am in the process of updating the contact info and project descriptions as well. The newsletter is also keeping me busy seeing as our service learner is not doing the “Featured Latino” section anymore. I get to interview people again and write up my on articles and make my own relationships with them, it is fun and I forgot that I enjoyed the interview/write up process so much.

On a more personal note, my parents, Christina and David, are coming in from Minneapolis on a train tomorrow. So, a little bit of home will be here with me in New Orleans for a week. This is a much welcomed visit, I do miss home and I am looking forward to eating well for the next week and trying out some restaurants that I have had my eye on.

Will update more next month!


Coming up with Puentes:

Puentes’ Home Buyer class

Owning a home is one of the most important investments of a lifetime. We will teach you how to buy your house from start to finish. We promise to provide you with the best service possible and to help make your dream a reality. We will meet for 3 hours every Tuesday from May 15th – June 5th starting at 6pm.  Classes are in Spanish and we ask for $40 per person or $55 per pair. Call 504-495-1588 or 504-821-7228 to sign up!

Puentes ofrece el Programa de Compra de Casas
Puentes ofrece cursos en español para aprender cómo comprar una casa y provee consejo de crédito. Le enseñaremos cómo comprar su casa de principio al fin. Prometemos proporcionarle el mejor servicio posible  para ayudarle realizar su sueños y ser dueño de su propia casa. Las clases duran 3 horas todos los martes del 15 de mayo al 5 de junio a partir de las 6pm. Las clases se facilitan en español. El costo de la clase es solo $40 por persona o $55 por el par. ¡Llame 504-495-1588 o 504-821-7228 para inscribirse y/o para más información!



-Sadira Glendenning, Tulane CPS AmeriCorps VISTA, Puentes New Orleans



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