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This month I got to something that I feel was probably the coolest thing I’ve done so far during my term of service. I was given the opportunity to tour and interview some staff and students at a Latino Charter School here in South Minneapolis . The opportunity came about because the daughter-in-law of the family I live with is a teacher at the school. Originally, she came to me  and asked if I’d come to her school to be interviewed for one of her students’ Senior Projects, but after talking to my supervisor Margaret I was able to hit two birds with one stone because the controversy around public vs. charter schools is a big issue around here.  Below I will include a link to the video I made in case any of you want to check it out.

In addition to the interview, I also attended the Senior Presentations this past week on Wednesday and Thursday night. The entire experience was very eye-opening for me. It was quite different from what I am used to coming from a public school. For example, there were only 8 Seniors compared to the hundreds there usually are at public schools, which allowed more of a focus on each individual. Also, like I said, the presentations were given a night so that family members could attend, which is not something that would be likely at a public school because of the number of students and the time allotment. I also thought it was cool that each presentation whether it was a speech, explanation of a mural, or video had both an English and Spanish translation.

                                                       El Colegio High School Visit Video

-Brook Henderson, TNVNET AmeriCorps VISTA, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota


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