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Field Report: Urban Research and Outreach/ Engagement Center

This month has been the most important for me yet in my VISTA service. That is because many of my projects are culminating in events in the first week of April so I have seen or will see the results of the work I have been doing for the last four months in a concrete form. In the first week of April we have the Community Engagement Scholars Introduction to North Minneapolis (a tour) and the Summer Resource Fair so this month is really busy trying to get everything ready for those events.

For the Tour we have been working on the North Minneapolis Resource Guide which is a document being produced to give to people on the tour as an introduction to North Minneapolis. When we started this year as VISTAs (in November) the guide was started but had a long way to go. It has been great to work on it and see it progress and now it is almost complete. It will be nice to have a tangible work product to look back on from the last four months because so much of what we do is intangible (meetings, trainings, community events etc.). And, not only will it be nice for us to have as a work product, but it will also be exciting to figure out where it will go next. We have received positive feedback from the community and people representing organizations that operate in North Minneapolis, and we have also received repeated requests for the product to be online or for people to be able to have copies of it. So, developing wider uses of the guide will be a future endeavor.

Besides the culmination of these projects, my VISTA year continues to progress well and I am thoroughly enjoying it!


-Cathy Harris, TNVNET AmeriCorps VISTA, Urban Research and Outreach/ Engagement Center, University of Minnesota


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