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Field Report: Kedila Family Learning Services

This month has been a unique one for me; we have been working on a ton of grants! Submitting them has been stressful though. I even had to work on a Saturday once in order to get our material in on time. We had large group of volunteers start working with us, and it has been especially rewarding to see their impact because I spent a lot of time recruiting and training all of them.


We also had a family night in honor of black history month this year. Classes paired up to create short presentations for parents teachers and volunteers. They highlighted genres of music that were created by or heavily influenced by African Americans. Going clockwise starting in the top right, we have Diana Ross, general jazz musicians, the Jackson 5, and Mahalia Jackson.





On a more personal note, I had to take two weeks off to have surgery on my shoulder. I’ve had recurring problems with dislocation, and this time around the doctors discovered that I was missing a 5mm piece of bone! Without this, there is not enough bone to hold my arm in the shoulder joint. To fix this, I got a bone graft from the ankle of a cadaver! That probably sounds pretty gross to most people, but I think it is cool and fascinating. Anyway, I’m currently mostly functional (I can’t use my left arm much), and have been doing a bunch of physical therapy in order to get my range of motion back and strengthen the muscles ligaments and tendons surrounding my shoulder bones. Enjoy some post surgery pictures below!



-Adrienne Roth, Tulane CPS AmeriCorps VISTA, Kedila Family Learning Services




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2 comments on “Field Report: Kedila Family Learning Services

  1. handsonneworleans
    March 28, 2012

    Thank you for all of your hard work here in New Orleans! We hope your arm feels better soon.

  2. amanda
    March 23, 2012

    Great, full week! Heal quick and get back on the field soon.

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