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Field Report: Kedila Family Learner Services

In order to celebrate the end of the fall semester, and all of the progress our students have made, we hosted a multicultural holiday program. Each class picked a theme and presented some combination of a skit, a song, artwork, or other form of creative expression. Some of the presentations included were:

Christmas in China!

This included a skit with special guest Santa Claus and a medley of carols sung by the 2nd grade class.

Christmas in Mexico!

After describing typical holiday traditions in Mexico, including Christmas and Three King’s Day, the 3rd graders taught us some words in Spanish and about the tradition of poinsettias. Each student had a hand made poinsettia around his or her neck.

Christmas Around the World!

The 4th and 5th graders then taught us about the Christmas traditions through song and dance based on a skit of American siblings asking about international Christmas traditions. Particular focus was given to Hawaiian traditions and Australian traditions.


The middle school students made a presentation about Kwanza in which the audience was educated about the background and traditions as well as taught important words in Swahili.

In the first half of my VISTA year, I have learned that reflection on failures as well as accomplishments is an important task for non-profits. With available funding rapidly decreasing, it is important for us to understand what does and does not work. Being on a constant path of improvement not only helps us acquire more funding, but it allows us to more efficiently and more effectively help those in need. It also helps to have some fun every once in a while!

— Adrienne Roth


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