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Field Report: Grow Dat Youth Farm

Congrats to our student Crew Members!


Grow Dat Youth Farm’s first year at was a great success. 11 Crew Members (local high school students, aged 15-18) completed our program in urban agriculture. The farm provides a space for students to apply the interests and skills they have developed in our educational program outside of the classroom. It also creates a healthy and supportive work environment for area New Orleans youth from who face limited job opportunities. Each student was motivated to complete the program by different things. With a focus on developing a sense of responsibility, community, environmental stewardship, and service among participants, the farm enhances leadership and teamwork abilities through the collaborative work of growing food. Listen to what each youth has to say about working at Grow Dat Youth Farm.

And by “Ace”


a Grow Dat Crew Member:

We are excited to announce our first annual “Growing the Green” campaign to support the work of the Grow Dat Youth Farm. The idea for Grow Dat is simple: hire young adults, whose job options are often limited to fast food restaurants, to grow food for their community. You can help us grow the green by supporting us in one of the following ways: giving the gift of employment for a young person or by purchasing a tool or set of tools that will help us start our farm. Visit our website, growdatyouthfarm.org, to help grow the green. Thanks for your support!


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