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Field Report: Kedila Family Learning Center

My VISTA life has certainly picked up in the last month! My levels of responsibility come in waves so that some days, I don’t have much to do, and on others I barely get to take an extra breath. We have been getting a lot accomplished lately from our programs starting to a ton (and I mean a ton) of grant proposal writing.  Our program started a couple weeks ago, and I really enjoy going to it and helping out. The kids we serve are almost all below grade level in at least one subject, and it is heartbreaking to see them struggle with material that should be easy. Tutoring has been a really fulfilling part of my service because it helps me motivate myself to do a great job on the less exciting parts that are necessary to fund the actual program. I also started working with a service-learning intern from Tulane on our social media presence. She has created a facebook and a blog for us and has started work on a short promotional video for our after school program. Having her around is exciting because as an organization we are about 10 years behind the media train. I feel like I am capable of updating our social media outlets once our lovely intern is gone next semester, but creating them is a whole different story. We are very glad to have her around. We have recently started a partnership with one of Tulane’s fraternities that will provide us with 4-5 students each day to help the teachers with the homework portion of our after school program (they’re not all slackers and partiers!). This is especially exciting because with their help, we can bring our tutor ratio down to around 5:1 instead of the normal 10:1. The personal help these guys will provide will be immensely helpful to our students as well as our instructors. All of these different exciting additions to my responsibilities have really made me feel like I am finding my place in my organization and is making me very optimistic about the remaining 10 months of service!

Adrienne Roth, Tulane VISTA, Kedila Family Learning Center


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