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Field Report: Sophie B. Wright Charter School

August 11, 2011 marks exactly one month since I stepped foot on this good ol’ Nawlins ground. In this month I have truly enjoyed my time here thus far. Here is a short list of my journey thus far as a Tulane VISTA.

PSO was the introduction to this year-long life I have committed to. It allowed me to not only understand the underlying issues related and attributing to poverty and the impoverished, but  enables me to interact and meet some of the awesomest folks I’ve ever met. From this training I was surely geeked about my new life as a VISTA.

After this training and being hyped by the VISTA cheerleaders, I, along with my awesome VISTA-leagues (VISTA colleagues), were eager about the first day of work. While I was quite nervous about walking into my site on that Wednesday July 27 at 8:45am, little did I know that I would shortly be walking out by 9:30am. Though my supervisor did give me a few extra days to think over my new position, I left with a project and more time to truly gather my thoughts about being in a new place, working, and simply–VISTA.

Over the last week or so, while I have been getting to know this new culture, I have truly appreciated the extra time to work on my first initial project and understand the attributes of my site.

Well, this has been the journey of  a Tulane Education VISTA. As my final fairly free days come to a close, I am grateful to have had this opportunity of mental reflection. All and all, I am looking forward to walking back into those big blue doors on Thursday August 11, 2011 at 8:45am for my true first day! Here I Go!

-Malliron Hodges, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA, Sophie B. Wright Charter School


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