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As August begins I realize that there are only three months left in my current term of service.  The time has flown by fairly quickly. This final quarter or so will be busier than the previous nine months put together, I suspect, as we try to finish long forgotten projects, current assignments, and new projects as they head our way. This is about the time we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and start wondering what we are going to individually as our service terms come to an end. It’s also a very crucial point as we should start preparing our notes and projects to be passed on to our future VISTA brethren who will replace us and undoubtedly carry-on and improve on our work from where we leave off.

What I have learned from this experience is that I am not a desk or a suit and tie kind of guy, and I am glad I got to experience this environment because it helped me learn this. I appreciate the work we have done and the work we do here but I feel I am personally more useful to society helping the world in a more hands on capacity. I think one of my coworkers was born to do this kind of work, as she has shined with this project. I do hope that my projects and contributions have a lasting effect. Especially the Community Engagement Scholars Northside Tour that I created back in April. I believe it can beneficial to help shed some positive light on a community that doesn’t always receive it.

I have also definitely learned that not only am I a true southerner at heart, but I cannot physically take the constant weather changes from the north. Since relocating up here I have witnessed 22 inch snow days, negative 20 degree days, and even a two day span where the temperature went from 108 degrees to 60 degrees. Someone tell me how is that possible? I think when this is all said and done I’ll find me someplace back in my beloved south were its always hot and barely snows.

It is time for me to get back to work and start making plans for my next tour event and completing our projects as best we can before they become another VISTA’s project.  What I have truly learned is when you’re a VISTA your work is never done, part of that whole 24/7 on call thing.

-Terrance Scott, TNVNet AmeriCorps VISTA @ Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center


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