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Field Report: SoFAB Museum

SoFAB has been a bit quieter without all of the campers running around with spoons and cookbooks.  No more questions like, “when are we eating, I’m starving,” or “ I am not eating that. Can I go get lunch in the food court?” No more freeze dance games or nutrition talks. Our 30 lb bag of rice has finally run out. But one thing remains in the museum and that is our wonderful Job-1 workers.

Darnell and Shaneka have done a great job thus far with all of the challenging projects we give them.  Lucky for the SoFAB staff, Shaneka is veteran of the cash register. Having worked in retail before, she does an excellent job with the retail and customer service.  Darnell is the strong, silent type that will do whatever task needing to be accomplished.

Recently, Liz Williams traveled to Maryland to pick up a large donation of mini liquor bottles for the museum. We thought who better to help design the exhibit but the Job-1 workers. They are currently working very hard to unpack and unwrap all of the delicate bottles and display them nicely on very large and pretty shelves. The exhibit has been designed entirely by Darnell and Shaneka and it looks great.

The new exhibit along with many others can be viewed at our upcoming Gala in September.  At one of the biggest events of the year we are planning a silent auction, cocktails, delicious food and great entertainment.  Our Job-1 workers and interns have worked hard on preparing the museum to host such a wonderful event.  If you are interested in attending, tickets are for sale on southernfood.org under the 2011 SoFAB Symposium tab.

Meaghan Reid Li, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA. For more information on history, exhibits, and volunteer opportunities, please visit the Southern Food and Beverage Museum’ s website.


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