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July has brought about change for me.  The work I’m doing at UROC is changing as my co-workers and I enter the final quarter of our service year.  Events I’ve been planning for months are going to be happening soon, projects are being wrapped up, and we are all making our post-VISTA plans.  As we’re planning the end of this VISTA service term, I keep finding long lost projects from months ago that could still be completed in the next few months and don’t forget all the summer festivals, fairs, conferences and trainings that we get to attend.  Time is a precious commodity now.

I also made a change in my life outside of work.  After 8 months of service I decided to move out of my parents’ house.  I’m renting a room at a house in a closer suburb now.  I like being closer to work and I like taking care of myself (and my dog).  I almost forgot how liberating not living with parents is.  Even the not so fun stuff (cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc) is kind of fun right now just because I get to do it how I want to. Don’t worry!  I’m sure that will wear off eventually.

Last change from this month, I feel more like a VISTA than I did before.  I’m not sure if it’s because I need food support to make my budget work now or if it’s the work of our new VISTA Leader.  I feel more connected to VISTA and to Tulane rather than just connected to my specific project.

Do I have any wonderful insight from all of this change?  Not really.  Life is fluid and constantly moving.  I’ve made an effort in my life to seek out positive change.  Sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t.  My hope is that these new changes will produce positive experience.  Cross your fingers.

Amanda Quiner, TNVNET AmeriCorps VISTA @ Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center


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